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Can Lasers Save Us From Turbulence?

Plane turbulence could soon be a thing of the past! There’s a new laser-based system being tested right now that could detect turbulence in a plane’s path long before the first drink hits the floor. Trace explains how the system works.

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Turbulence: Hidden Threat in the Skies

“High over the Pacific Ocean, about two-and-a-half hours southeast of Tokyo on the evening of Dec. 28, 1997, most of the 374 passengers on United Airlines Flight 826 had just finished their dinner.”

Lasers could end air turbulence

“A laser that can detect air turbulence in the path of an aircraft, allowing pilots to avoid it could lead to smoother flights.”

DEmonstration of LIdar based Clear Air Turbulence detection

“The DELICAT project is supported by the European Commission within the frame of the 7th Framework Program (FP7).”

Turbulence causes chaos on Singapore Airlines flight

“A passenger onboard a flight from Singapore to London has taken a series of eye-catching photos of the aftermath of a turbulent journey.”

Airplane Turbulence: Is It Dangerous?

“No frequent flyer is a stranger to turbulence. But what causes it, and how dangerous is it?”

The Truth About Airplane Turbulence

“Rough air injured more than two dozen airline passengers this week, but that’s just one unavoidable risk you take while flying. Or is it? Our primer explains the three kinds of airplane turbulence, and what you can do to stay safe on a plane.”

Understanding How Space Turbulence Works

“Researcher conducts supercomputer simulations to learn impacts on Earth’s magnetic field.”

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Smartphones On Planes:

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