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Can Air Pollution Be Good For the Earth?

If there’s one thing that we know, is that pollution is bad… Or is it? New research shows that even this planet-destroying byproduct of human growth has a silver lining. Anthony shows us what it is, and how this might influence future conservation efforts.

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Anthropogenic aerosol forcing of Atlantic tropical storms

“The frequency of tropical storms in the North Atlantic region varies markedly on decadal timescales with profound socio-economic impacts. Climate models largely reproduce the observed variability when forced by observed sea surface temperatures.”

Air Quality Trends

“EPA creates air quality trends using measurements from monitors located across the country. The table below shows that air quality based on concentrations of the common pollutants has improved nationally since 1980.”

Cleaner air linked to more hurricanes

“Efforts to improve the quality of our air could be causing more hurricanes as a sideeffect, according to a new study.”

Atlantic hurricane numbers ‘linked to industrial pollution’

“New research from the Met Office has raised the possibility that man-made aerosols, industrial pollution, may have impacted the number of Atlantic hurricanes.”

Clean Air Act

“The Clean Air Act is a United States federal law designed to control air pollution on a national level. It requires the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop and enforce regulations to protect the public from airborne contaminants known to be hazardous to human health.”

Hazy skies boost plant carbon intake

“Particle pollution in the air is making plants absorb more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by diffusing sunlight, new research reveals.”

Geoengineering, Ocean Fertilization, and the Problem of Permissible Pollution

“Many geoengineering projects have been proposed to address climate change, including both solar radiation management and carbon removal techniques.”

Positive Pollution.

“Examples of positive effects of pollution, from sunken cars as reefs attracting fish and kelp, to oil sludge used as food for protein-producing microorganisms.”

Pollution ‘fights global warming’

“Air pollution may be helping the fight against global warming by enhancing the ability of plants to absorb carbon dioxide, scientists say.”

Climate-Fixing Scheme To Seed The Seas With Iron May Not Work

“The eruption of Eyjafjallaj√∂kull gave scientists a chance to test a high-stakes geoengineering idea.”

Rogue Geoengineer Dumps 100 Tons Of Iron Off Canada’s West Coast

“Geoengineering is always controversial, but it’s even more controversial when you don’t tell anyone first.”

Ocean plankton sponge up nearly twice the carbon currently assumed

“Models of carbon dioxide in the world’s oceans need to be revised, according to new work by UC Irvine and other scientists published online Sunday in Nature Geoscience.”

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