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Can A Man Get Pregnant?

Can A Man Get Pregnant?

Turns out you don’t actually need a uterus to carry a baby, so what does that mean for men? Can men get pregnant?

Do We Still Need Women To Make Babies? –
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Can A Man Really Get Pregnant? Sure, But It Might Kill Him

“With male pregnancy, though, something funny happens: Some say it is possible while others say it isn’t. To understand how different professionals can reach such opposite conclusions, we must delve into the thought processes of ‘the scientist’ and ‘the clinician,’ respectively.”

Male Pregnancy: A Dangerous Proposition

“In rare cases, women have given birth to babies that developed outside the uterus–a phenomenon known as ectopic or extrauterine pregnancy. Winston argued that men should also be able to bear fetuses in their abdominal cavities. But male pregnancy would be complicated and, scientists say, potentially fatal.”

Pregnant men: New statistics reveal men have given birth to 54 babies in Australia

“In an echo of the case of Thomas Beatie, a transgender man who preserved his female organs and was billed as the world’s first pregnant man in 2007, Aussie men are now also having babies, C-sections and abortions.”

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