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Bigfoot Disturbingly Photobombs Australians

Either bigfoot, the yowie, a monster, ghost, or some sort of extremely disturbing humanoid being is captured on camera sixty years ago.

Ever taken a photograph only to realize later on that there was a some sort of humanoid monster photobombing you only a few feet away?

In 1932, during the Great Depression, a young Australian named Redge Jones found work at a remote logging camp, high in the Snowy Mountains, near Batlow Falls.

Around the campfire, the men had some disturbing stories to tell the newcomer about mysterious sounds they had heard from the forest, noises that didn’t sound like any animal any of them had heard before. Something about these noises was definitely out of the ordinary, and these men knew it.

Shortly after, Redge was on an expedition with a couple of men up to the top of the waterfalls, where once, another man had been swept over and died. When they got there they posed for a picture, and he innocently took what would become the most disturbing photo of his life.

It was a few weeks later that he had the photo developed, and found a hulking brute of a monster sitting casually on a log beside the men, with it’s hands in it’s lap. Some of the men at the camp thought this must be a Yowie (an Australian Bigfoot), or a ghost of the man who died at the falls. Some accused Redge of tampering with the film.

Sixty years later, He finally had the chance to verify his story when the Australian documentary program The Extraordinary interviewed him, and was unable to find any rational explanation for the photo.

Keep in mind, this photo was taken in 1932…there is clearly a humanoid figure in the background…and any tampering of the photo would have been extremely difficult.

If you want the full documentary on this photo, check out the description below.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel