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Big Noses for Big Muscles!

Hey guys… got a nose you think is too big? Well it might just be the thing that helps you bulk up at the gym. That’s right, as Anthony tell us, there’s a very interesting connection between a big schnoz and bigger muscles.

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The big male nose

“Human noses come in all shapes and sizes. But one feature seems to hold true: Men’s noses are bigger than women’s.”


“The average adult at rest inhales and exhales something like 7 or 8 liters (about one-fourth of a cubic foot) of air per minute. That totals something like 11,000 liters of air (388 cubic feet) in a day.”

Waiting to inhale: are you breathing in the best way?

“When we exercise, the volume of air pumped by the lungs can be as much as 16 times higher the amount pumped at rest. Oxygen consumption can increase from 250 ml to 5000 ml per minute and breathing frequency can rise from 12-16 to 40-50 breaths each minute.”

Concurrent inspiratory muscle and cardiovascular training differentially improves both perceptions of effort and 5000 m running performance compared with cardiovascular training alone.

Objective: To examine whether inspiratory muscle training (IMT) is a useful additional technique with which to augment cardiovascular exercise training adaptations.

Neural drive to nasal dilator muscles: influence of exercise intensity and oronasal flow partitioning.

“Our aim was to test the following hypotheses: 1) neural drive to the muscles of the alae nasi (AN) is proportional to nasal airflow and is independent of the overall level of central respiratory drive, and 2) the switch from nasal to oronasal breathing corresponds to the onset of marked flow turbulence in the nasal airway.”

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