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Baby Talk Actually Makes Sense

Baby talk seems like it’s gibberish, but it’s actually far more advanced than we thought. Trace looks at what all that noise might really mean.

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From the Mouths of Babes: Toddlers’ Speech Is Far More Advanced Than Previously Thought

“The sound of small children chattering away as they learn to talk has always been considered cute — but not particularly sophisticated.”

From the mouths of babes — The truth about toddler talk

“The sound of small children chattering has always been considered cute — but not particularly sophisticated.”

Reduced auxiliaries in early child language: Converging observational and experimental evidence from French1

“Since early studies in language development, scholars have noticed that function words, in particular auxiliaries, often appear to be missing in early speech, with the result that child utterances sometimes exhibit verbs with non-finite morphology in seemingly matrix clauses.”

How We Talk to Babies

“Not long ago, a fellow psycholinguist confessed to me that she would never pursue research on infants.”

Baby Talk: Communicating With Your Baby

“Your baby’s first year will be a flurry of changes — and not just diapers. From the first smiles, gurgles, and coos to learning to say “mama” or “dada,” babies love to communicate with their own form of baby talk.”

Developmental milestones: Talking

“Your baby will gradually learn to use words to describe what she sees, hears, feels, and thinks as she makes mental, emotional, and behavioural leaps.”

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