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Are Olympic Gold Medals Really Made of Gold?

With the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi beginning, and the earning of medals has begun, an interesting question arises: Are Olympic gold medals actually made of pure gold? Trace runs down a history of the Olympic games and answers the question of what each medal is really made out of.

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What Are Olympic Medals Made Of?

“Back in the day — way back in the day — Olympic champions were crowned with wreaths of olive leaves following their victories.”

Why Do Athletes Bite Their Medals?

“U.S. snowboarding champions Hannah Teter and Gretchen Bleiler posed for pictures on Monday with their medals in their mouths.”

What Are Olympic Medals Made Of?

“What do you think Olympic medals are made of? Are the gold medals really gold?”

What’s An Olympic Gold Medal Worth?

“Next week in London, athletes from around the world will go for the gold. But as it turns out, the Olympic gold medal is mostly made of silver.”

Medals That Are Worth Almost Nothing: Raw Value Of Metals In A Bronze Totals Just £3

“They are the largest ever in both size and weight. But some of the medals handed out at the London 2012 Olympics are actually worth less than £3.”

London’s Olympic Gold Medal Worth The Most In The History Of The Games

“It is the ultimate reward for the greatest sporting event on the planet.”
Olympic Gold Medals Contain Only 1% Gold; Would Cost $25,000 If Pure

“The amount of gold in an Olympic gold medal has fallen to 1.34 percent, thanks to gold prices that recently peaked at $1,895 an ounce.”

How The Sochi 2014 Olympic Medals Are Made

“The jewelry maker Adamas revealed the secrets to producing Olympic and Paralympic medals for the 2014 Olympics.”

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