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Are Humans Naturally Violent?

A recent study showed that human faces evolved over time to take punches. Are all humans inherently violent? Trace discusses this new finding, and fights his way through the Internet to find out if humans are naturally violent.

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Human Faces May Have Evolved to Take a Punch

“Prehistoric bare-knuckle brawling might have helped shape the human face.”

Why are we violent?

“There’s no denying that humans are violent creatures.”

Protective buttressing of the hominin face

“When humans fight hand-to-hand the face is usually the primary target and the bones that suffer the highest rates of fracture are the parts of the skull that exhibit the greatest increase in robusticity during the evolution of basal hominins.”

The Evolution of Human Aggression

“Everyone has experienced anger at one point in their lives and some of us — males mostly, going by statistics — have channeled that anger into violence, perhaps by throwing a punch during a hockey game or after too many beers at the bar.”

Bad to the Bone: Are Humans Naturally Aggressive?

“At the recent American Association of Physical Anthropologists meetings in Portland, I sat through an interesting talk about lethal aggression in chimpanzees.”

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