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Are Fires Actually Good For Forests?

California’s megadrought is making the region prone to forest fires. Can these fires actually help the ecosystem?

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Fuel Removal And Prescribed Burns Reduce Wildfire Severity But May Invite Invasives

“Scientists compared the effectiveness of fire fuel reduction methods under the U.S. National Fire and Fire Surrogate Study.”

California’s controlled fires boost biodiversity

“In certain ecosystems, such as the mixed-conifer forests of the Sierra Nevada region of the western United States, fires are a natural and essential occurrence for maintaining forest health.”

Giant Redwood Trees Endured Frequent Fires Centuries Ago

“Ancient trees pack a record of ancient events. And now scientists have used 52 of the world’s oldest trees – giant sequoia redwoods in California’s western Sierra Nevada – to show that the region was plagued by drought and fire from the year 800 through the year 1300.”

Fire’s Natural Role

“Fire was here long before we were, and plants and animals in some areas of the northeast have lived with fire over generations.”

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