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Are Doctors Doing Too Many C-Sections?

C-sections are becoming more and more common in hospitals. They’re quick and easy, but are they really better than natural childbirth? Laci is here to weigh out some of the pros and cons of getting a c-section, and how natural birth definitely has some benefits.

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A Risky Rise in C-Sections
“Once the delivery option of last resort, cesarean sections are now all the rage: Nearly 1 in 3 pregnant women had a C-section in 2006, compared with about 1 in 5 a decade earlier.”

A Risky Rise in C-Sections

“Experts worry that the trend is bad for mom and baby.”

C-Section May Disrupt ‘Good’ Bacteria in Babies

“Being born by cesarean section has been tied to higher risks for various health problems in children, and now a new study finds these babies also have fewer ‘good’ bacteria in their digestive tract.”

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