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Ants Are Space Exploring, Junk-Food Eating Anarchists

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How much do you know about ants? Here are some facts about these little guys that’ll blow your mind.

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Ants Hold Their Own Searching in Space

“In 2014, the International Space Station (ISS) took on some unusual passengers: eight groups of ants, which were observed trying to perform searches under microgravity conditions. The goal? To learn more about how these tiny creatures search an area collectively and how they adapt to changing conditions — without any centralized control over the effort.”

What Do Ants Eat?

“Ants might possible have the most diverse diet in all of the animal kingdom. Ants will literally eat almost anything. There are over 12,000 species of ants, and while an individual species of ant may have a relatively limited diet, collectively their diet is incredibly diverse.”

Commercial Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus Science Insert – Ants in Space

“Commercial Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus Science Insert – 06: Ants in Space (CSI-06) compares behavior differences in groups of ants living in normal gravity and microgravity conditions.”

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