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Angels in Spaceships

Did God and his angels arrive in spacecrafts?

This is a fresco painting done in 1350 entitled “The Crucifixion”.

It is located above the altar in Visoki Decani Monestary in Kosovo, Yugoslavia.

If you look in the upper left and right hand corners of the painting you can see what appear to be humanlike beings flying around in what appears to be some sort of spacecraft….these are the artist’s interpretation of angels.

If you blow up the object in the upper right. The being appears to be doing something with his left hand like manipulating some sort of controls while he looks behind at what could be his other partner whom is flying in some sort of machine.

If you blow up the upper left-hand side of the painting the being also appears to be manipulating some sort of controls of some sort with his left and right arms.

This isn’t the only work of art with peculiar interpretations of god or angels though.

Take a look at some of these other paintings done around and beforethe same era.

We know that flight was only invented within the past 150 years or so, so when man saw something in the skies before we actually had the technology to fly…what what could they possibly interpret it as?

Just what could some of these artists have seen in the sky that caused them to portray heavenly beings like this?

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