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Ancient NUCLEAR Warfare

An ancient nuclear explosion looks to have wiped out the 5000 year old city of Mohenjo Daro – was it aliens?…extraterrestrials?..was there some sort of war?….the evidence points in a mysterious direction.

Did a nuclear blast wipe out the ancient city of Mohenjo Daro?

More than 5000 years ago, human civilization inexplicably and miraculously advanced, by simultaneously developing unique writing systems in three very distinct regions: Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Indus River Valley, named for the Hindus and where India received it’s modern name.

It was on the Pakistan side of the border in the 1920’s that a British excavation near the small village of Harappa uncovered a lost and forgotten Bronze Age city, and then another even larger city nearby in Mohenjo-Daro.

The well-planned, urban cities featured street grids, public buildings, water access, and covered sewage drains. Their culture was rich with Bronze sculptures, pottery, and a writing system that included stamping seals, an early form of reproductive printing. It was a thriving civilization, that abruptly… disappeared.

According to some reports, there is an ancient legend that tells of “fighting sky chariots and final weapons”, and now, recent digs at the sites have uncovered evidence of the possibility that one or more atomic explosions might have occured in the area. Dangerously high radioactivity levels; skeletons frozen in a moment of panic; and pottery melted into glass, which could only have been achieved if the material was exposed to an extreme blast of some type of heat.

Suggested theories for this advanced civilization’s sudden collapse include: collatoral damage from an an alien battle that took place in the area; the civilization developed some sort of nuclear fission that they couldn’t control; or perhaps a solar flare scorched the region.

Why are there tales of fighting sky chariots and final weapons? Why are skeletons seemingly frozen in panic? Why have high levels of radioactivity been detected in the area?

Mamoon Mengal
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