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Ancient Doll Discovery Disproves Evolution?

Mysterious doll found in Nampa, Idaho suggest the Theory of Evolution to be false. This strange miniature ancient doll artifact could be a game changer.

The Impossibly Ancient Miniature Doll

How could a tiny doll cause scientists to completely rethink the theory of evolution?

In 1889 at a site in Nampa, Idaho, a small figurine doll was found buried 320 feet underground by a man named Mark A Kurtz. He was checking his sand pump for any sort of material that had come up and suddenly felt a strange object — upon washing the object…a tiny human figurine appeared.

The dime size figurine was carefully hand-made out of clay and depicts what archeologists have said is a female humanoid — more specifically it depicts a human of the modern type.

What’s so special about this doll though? The depth that it was found suggests that humans were around approximately 1.5 million years before eHGoven the first monkey existed — a mysteriously impossible idea!…in fact so impossible that it has had scientists baffled for the past century!

Since it punches the modern theory of evolution in the face…and has done so for more than a century, it has had enough time to develop quite a few different theories.

One theory was that it was an admitted hoax — but a wealth of evidence suggests that this was extremely unlikely.

Another was that it fell into the well while it was being drilled — but due to the size and way the well was being drilled out…this is also thought to be unlikely.

The doll remains a mystery to this day.

How could a tiny doll of a human…obviously made by a human be found at such a depth?

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Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel