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Ancient Civilization on Mars?

Has an ancient bowl been discovered on Mars by the Curiosity Rover?

A reader sent in a photo with what appears to be bowl sticking halfway out of the martian ground.

The bowl looks to have a flat bottom and a crack down one side of it. The half of it buried in the ground looks to have some sort of dirt filling it.

It is basically impossible for this object to be on Mars. Man has never been to Mars. We’ve only sent probes like the one that took this picture there.

The bowl in this picture could suggest that an ancient civilization used to live on Mars and this is an old piece of that they left behind.
Another explanation could be that aliens came to the red planet long ago, established a civilization here, and this is a piece of ruin they left behind millenias ago.

Or perhaps the bowl in this picture is actually just a couple of oddly shaped rocks that when looked at a certain angle create the illusion of a bowl.

What is this thing? An illusion…or evidence of something more on the martian planet…?..

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel