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Alien Skulls Discovered in Mexico

Alien Skulls (allegedly) have been discovered among human remains in Northern Mexico.

25 corpses were excavated in the Mexican state of Sonora that date back around 1,000 years.

17 of the 25 corpses were children. Strangely, none of the children showed any signs of trauma or disease that would indicate a cause of death.

Among the corpses were humans with elongated skulls…one’s that suggested the practice of headbinding was used.

However, a small amount of the skulls did not seem to be from this earth. Their size and shape could not have been accomplished by skull binding.

Brien Foerster, an author and expert on elongated skulls found that some of the skulls could hold a brain that was 25% larger than a normal humans – which is impossible with the practice of head binding.

Some skulls even weighed 60% more than they should have – also an impossibility.

Could these skulls be from an alien race? Time travelers? Beings from another dimension? Or what?…They simply defy explanation.
What do you think the humans…or the children…buried with these creatures thought?

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel