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Alien Life Turns Rain Blood Red

Alien life is found in blood red rain in India…
It’s July 2001 in South India.

What may be an invasion by aliens begins to occur.
It starts to rain….but this rain is red…blood red
The red rain lasted for two months

At first, the government dismissed this as red dust that had blown into the country

But, a professor at the Gandhi university, Godfrey Louis didn’t agree with this explanation.

After collecting several samples of the rain and analyzing them under a microscope….whatever particles were causing the rain to turn red weren’t dust….they actually appeared to be alive…like some sort of cells…cells which shocking looked like red blood cells….

If the cells were alive, then they must have DNA…

But the DNA tests revealed the cells contained no DNA….despite the fact that, according to the researchers, they were defiantly a form a life.

All life on Earth is made up of DNA. But if this was life…and it didn’t contain DNA then what was it?

It’s a bold claim for a scientist to make, but the only conclusion Godfrey Louis could come to was that whatever life was in the rain came from somewhere other than earth…

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel