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Alien Figure Discovered on Moon in NASA Photos

An alien-like being on the moon, or perhaps a “man on the moon” has allegedly been discovered in publicly available images from NASA accessable via Google Earth (Moon Version).

Just what is this strange anomaly discovered in a satellite image of our lunar surface?

You can see it for yourself at the coordinates 27°37’4.20″N 18°15’6.47″W in Google Earth after switching to moon view.

The combination of the internet and publicly available satellite images of the lunar surface has produced the discovery of what appears to be quite a few strange objects on the moon.

Some claim they’ve even found secret bases owned either by the government or perhaps otherworldly beings.

In examining this latest one up close, the figure of some type of very tall being does indeed appear to be there.

You can also see the shadow of whatever this thing is being cast behind it which even seems to match up to and further confirm its shape and huge height.

Aside from an actual being up there, some speculate this could be a huge statue similar to the colossus of rhodes, but on the lunar surface.

I actually measured the object’s shadow in Google Earth to approximate that it’s height could be somewhere around 460 feet – but that’s an extremely rough estimate.

NASA hasn’t commented so far , but due to the amount of media coverage this thing is getting I’d say it won’t be too long.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel