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Alien Creature Caught on Camera?

Something that looks like an alien, ghost, apparation, zombie or unidentified humanoid creature has been caught on a hunting camera.

Somewhere in Northern Louisiana movement out in the woods triggered a hunter’s camera to go off.

And it caught…this…staring right back at the camera.

The creature looks humanoid…but almost like an x-ray of a human…and obviously hunting camera’s don’t shoot x-ray photos.

It’s also on the ground for some reason as if it can’t walk or was startled by the camera…which would reflect the look on its face.

Notice how its huge eyes glow back at the camera as the shot is taken.

What is interesting to be is there is absolutely no motion blurring in this photo, the creature is either scared stiff as the shots are taken or the camera is of very, very high quality.

Apparently, locals had seen strange lights in the sky around the time period when the picture was taken…so who knows what this might be.

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Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel