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Alien Corpse Found in Chile?

Has an alien body or an alien corpse been found in Chile?…It’s tiny.

A mysterious alien body found in chile is only the size of a pen.

Oscar Munoz was searching for objects with historical value near an abandoned church in Chile, when he found something quite strange…what appeared to be the grave of some sort of tiny 6-inch tall humanoid-like being wrapped in white cloth.

As you can easily tell by the pictures….whatever this thing was…is quite a mystery. It’s only about the size of a pen, too.

Scientists from all over the world began weighing in their opinion on what exactly this thing was & the corpse acquired the name “The Atacama.”

The corpse doesn’t match any humanoid-like being from evolution at all either.

Scientists indeed verified the corpse was real…and ran quite a series of tests on it.

The being had only 9 ribs, which was strange as normal humans have 12.

The being also has quite a deformed skull and other features.

Some scientists believe this is the corpse of an unusually small and deformed human fetus…others aren’t so sure due to it’s tiny size, strange bone arrangement, and extremely odd facial structure.

To add to the mystery, a similar looking being had also been discovered in Russia.

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Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel