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Alien Body Found in Siberia

Has an alien body or corpse been found in Siberia, Russia?

A video that went viral a while back shows two Russians stumbling upon what appears to be a frozen and quite mangled alien corpse just lying out in the snow.

The video is actually quite shocking and even shows some close ups of the alien in stark detail…you can even see some sort of substance glistencing across its skin.

UFO activity in the area around the time of the incident had been reported too.

After posting the event on youtube, the video received some pretty heavy attention…even from the Kremlin in Russia itself whom sent out police to the residents home to investigate.

What they found was allegedly a very well done alien corpse made out of breadcrumb and chicken skin. Something that…when you think about it….would be quite hard to use as a material for making a fake alien body like this.

The two behind the alleged hoax quickly admited their prank to the police whom found the body under one of their beds.

Conspiracy theorists believe that perhaps this was all part of a government coverup…

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Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel