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Alien Autopsy Released by Russia?

The body or corpse of an alien having an autopsy done on it has been allegedly caught on video & released.

One of the most graphic alleged alien autopsies has been caught on video…

Believe it or not, Russia had its own alleged quote “Roswell.” This one was called Sverdlovsk, named after the region if was discovered in, and happened in the year of 1969.

According to the story and as you can see by the pictures, a sort of UFO shaped craft was found crashed. Upon inspection several little men like you’ll see in the autopsy were allegedly found scattered around.

It never got much media attention until the past few decades for some strange reason but the pictures from the autopsy I will have to admit make it look pretty real.

I for one have no idea on whether or not the autopsy being done is real or fake…leading to another mystery without an explanation.

What do you guys think?

Link to Top 5 Alien Bodies/Corpses Ever Discovered Video for Mobile Users:

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel