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AirAsia QZ8501 Flight Disappears

Asian Airlines AirAsia Flight QZ8501 has vanished.

Another airplane has gone missing in Asia.

Just yesterday, Sunday, Asian Airlines flight QZ8501 mysteriously disappeared over the Java Sea.

Strangely, no distress signal was detected from the airplane before it vanished, although, shortly before its disappearance the pilots radioed in and asked to raise their altitude in order to avoid some potentially turbulent storm clouds.

But bad weather isn’t uncommon in this area…and neither is traffic by planes as well as boats that at all hours of the day travel to and from Surabaya, Indonesia, where the flight departed from and Singapore, where the flight was headed.

Pilots are used to flying this sort of weather and the likelihood that something that lightning could take down the plane and render its communications systems useless is very low. In fact, no commercial airline has crashed in the United States because of a lightning strike since 1963. To add to that, nearly every aircraft in the United States is struck at least once a year by lightning.

So it’s quite confusing just what could have happened to cause this airplane to disappear without even a distress signal.

162 passengers were aboard the plane when it vanished. Any and all boat traffic in the area with the equipment to do so has begun searching, a much more thorough search is said to begin tomorrow morning.

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