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8 Shocking Discoveries That Made Us Rethink History

Thankfully, since history is all on computers now it’s pretty easy to rewrite when we discover something which challenges are previously held historical beliefs.

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When you think of Jesus Christ you probably imagine him as a long haired, bearded gentleman in sandals, a white robe and some sort of fruity red sash as if he’s the prom queen or something. It has long been established that Christopher Columbus was not the first European to arrive on the American continent, he just shouted first! the loudest and got the most likes is all. Around 6,500 years ago the ancient city states of Mesopotamia rose in modern-day Iraq and Iran to form the world’s first civilised societies, and we refer to this region now as the Cradle of Civilization. Over the past few years the mummified remains of around 40 Buddhist monks have been found in China, India and Mongolia, including this 200 year old fella found in January 2015This next entry demonstrates just how much our current scientific theories can be blasted out of the water by a single discovery. Marco Polo is thought to be one of the first Europeans to have met and interacted with the Chinese people during the 13th Century, but just like Chris Columbus he might have been beaten by some distance by yet another civilisation from classical antiquity – the ancient Greeks.As an addendum to the discovery of ancient Greek influence in China, we’ve also recently found evidence that ancient Chinese explorers made it further than we thought too.A discovery which rewrites Earth history is pretty snazzy itself, but how about one which changes our theory on the history of Mars?

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