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7 WTF Discoveries from History

Over the course of archaeological history there have been many great discoveries, from ancient artefacts and items through to mysterious ruins and evidence of eerily-advanced long-lost cultures.

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Atlantis, Camelot, Disney World; these are just some of the legendary locations spoken of in ancient poems and texts which we believe are most probably fictional. The Roman Empire was one of the largest in Earth’s history, with its borders spanning as far as Spain in the West, Iraq in the East, Britain in the North and Egypt to the South. When you consider how some religious people today are still triggered by the idea that dinosaurs once roamed the Earth, imagine what kind of effect it had on the people of the early 19th Century when it was confirmed that these bones once belonged to a seventy-foot man eating reptile.When this pair of metal cat claws was discovered in a Peruvian cave back in 2014, it seemed that Charlie Kelly’s finest invention had actually been created fifteen-hundred years before him.Upon first glance you and I might think that the Voynich Manuscript is nothing more than an old biology textbook written in an ancient language, but if you know what you’re looking at then a WTF moment smacks you straight in the face like an unwanted Valentines gift from fist of Chris Brown.As if the discovery of dinosaur bones wasn’t unsettling enough to those of a devout nature, in 2016 we made yet another find that not only brings religion into question, but presently accepted science too.The culture of Ancient Egypt has fascinated man for centuries, with their hieroglyphic language, spectacular tombs and weird cat fixations making them one of the most intriguing civilizations that ever lived.

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