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7 WEIRDEST Things that Happen to Us in Dreams

When human beings dream we become capable of amazing things, we imagine strange worlds, odd people, and insane concepts.

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Of all the dreams we humans experience, the most common and most disturbing is the one where we feel our teeth crumbling and dropping out of our mouth.

If you’ve ever murdered someone in your dream you’ll experience two distinct emotions the moment you wake up; oh thank God I’m not a psychopath, followed by, oh, it’s also good that person isn’t dead, but I’m mostly thankful for the first thing.

Slow motion should only ever be used in three situations, sports replays, bursting water balloons, and ladies with sweet cans enjoying themselves on a trampoline.

I’d wager that waking up from an exam dream and realising it wasn’t real is actually more relieving than waking up after murdering someone.

Okay, so admittedly this is quite a specific dream, but many people have reported experiencing tragic or disastrous situations while in the presence of a celebrity, and both of these elements have meaning.

Whether you’re dreaming about your home, your workplace, or a building you’ve never ever been to before, the dwelling your dream self occupies is actually a representation of you.

If you’re constantly having freaky sex dreams with a room full of unfamiliar people, that isn’t necessarily an indication that you’re a gigantic pervert, I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel