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7 WEIRDEST Foods Humans Eat

7 WEIRDEST Foods Humans Eat

From home made milk to monkey brains to strange cheese made from maggots…oh wow…ok this is the most disgusting video I think I’ve made.

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You’ve probably already heard of Ambergris, but if you haven’t it’s basically a combination of bile and fat which forms in the stomach of a whale, and when fresh it smells a little like poo. But if you leave it to age ambergris acquires a sweeter scent, and despite its disgusting origins it is actually a crucial ingredient in the making of some perfumes. However, the French have a habit of putting a lump of gooey whale barf in their hot chocolate, and ancient Persians were known to enjoy dunking a huge dollop of it into their lemon sherbet.

In 2011 a UK ice cream company called Licktators collaborated with a store in London’s Covent Garden to sell a range of ice cream made from human breast milk. The milk was donated by 35 year old Victoria Hiley, and each serving of frozen human boob cream would cost you £14. The ice cream was called Baby Gaga, and Lady Gaga actually threatened to sue the company calling the venture “nauseating”. When a woman who wears dresses made of rotting-meat calls you gross you know you’ve crossed the line.

Number 5: Balut
Which came first, the chicken or the egg? If you’re from East-Asia you don’t really care, because one of your delicacies involves eating a duck which is a little bit of both. Balut involves fertilising a duck-egg and allowing it to grow for a certain length of time, before boiling it alive, peeling back the shell and enjoying the delicious combination of eggy duck foetus.

If you see something called a stink-head on a restaurant menu and you choose to eat it you deserve all the food-poisoning you can get, but chowing down on the monstrosity known as Alaskan Stink-Heads might just give you exactly that.

Lots of people enjoy a nice blue cheese, and we all know that its strong, mature taste is caused by cultivating bacteria within the curds to cause mould. But the producers of Italy’s Casu Marzu cheese go one step further, by letting flies bang on top of it.

If I had to choose between eating the rancid fish from earlier or chowing down on a live one, it’d be a tough call, but the cruelty involved in preparing some of the many living fish dishes found across Asia means I’m gonna have to plump for the stink-heads.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel