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7 WEIRDEST Beliefs from History

7 WEIRDEST Beliefs in History

From blow smoke up people’s **** to females going crazy to the earth being…well…hrmm….these are the 7 Weirdest Beliefs from History.

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When tobacco was first introduced to Europe in the 16th Century it was considered by many doctors to have beneficial properties. Tobacco was essentially the kale of the middle ages, and smoke from burning it was used to treat colds, headaches, drowsiness, hernias and even respiratory problems.

This is a mandrake, no relation to the man Drake, but it is part of the same Solanaceae family which includes tomatoes, chillies, aubergines and potatoes. The mandrake’s root has a strange human-like appearance, and this has given birth to many weird beliefs regarding the magical properties of this vegetable.

There have been many crazy theories regarding the composition of our planet Earth, despite the fact that antiquital genius Aristotle theorised the world was a globe in 330BC, and that Eratosthenes later proved this in 240BC by calculating the world’s circumference. Before this discovery fellow Greek Philosopher Anaximander believed the world was a cylinder, with humans living on the flat top as Earth floated through space surrounded by giant wheels of fire, which I guess isn’t too far off if we’re being generous.

For hundreds of years throughout Western Europe many women were diagnosed with a condition called female hysteria, and its symptoms included nervousness, loss of appetite, a tendency to cause trouble, and both too much and too little sexual desire. Women diagnosed with female hysteria were subjected to horrific treatments including forced hysterectomies and commitment to an insane asylum – all for the crime of being a little angsty and horny. If that diagnosis was applied today half of instagram would be locked inside a padded cell.

The philosophy of yin and yang dates back over two millennia to the early days of China’s Chou Dynasty, and it describes how the world is broken up into two opposite forces which complement and connect with each other – darkness and light, fire and water, men and women. But one of the weirdest beliefs related to the yin yang philosophy stated that if a man shot his load too early while making love, it would eventually kill him.

Pseudo-scientific evidence has been used many times to segregate and suppress certain ethnic groups. Adolf Hitler was one of its most fervent supporters, but the idea of using junk science to back-up racist acts was long established by the time the Nazis came along. During the New Imperialism period of the 19th Century European nations used scientific theories on race to justify colonialist invasions of African and Asian countries. It was also used in the United States to prop up slavery, with a notable example being Samuel A Cartwright’s claims that black slaves were noticeably more tolerant of pain and torture than white people.

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