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7 WEIRD Possible Causes of Human Extinction

Giant meteors, a global pandemic, Bender Bending Rodriguez; science fiction has taught us these are the culprits when it comes….

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Gamma Ray Bursts are the brightest electromagnetic events in the universe, pumping out high-energy streams of deadly radiation when the core of a massive star collapses.

According to NASA, on July 23rd 2012, a gigantic solar flare narrowly missed the Earth, and there’s a 12% chance we might not be so lucky between now and the year 2022.

In 2015 a team from Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute and the Global Challenges Foundation came up with the 12 most likely causes of human extinction, and one of the most startling was their suggestion of a total Global System Collapse.

If humanity becomes capable of creating nanotechnology which can operate on a molecular level, we could see an end to all disease, all death, all war, all famine, all the unhappy puppies, and all the sad things everywhere.

If terrorists were to weaponise Ebola or construct some kind of lethal grenade that simultaneously gave you AIDS along with a devastatingly handsome face nobody could resist, the world might see a deadly disease epidemic unfold quite rapidly.

Dysgenics is the term used to describe the study of developed traits and genetic qualities which may prove detrimental to the human race’s longevity, but which are allowed to endure due to our modernising society.

It has been 30,000 years since humanity’s last great leap, when Homo neanderthalensis, or Neanderthals, became extinct to leave modern Homo Sapiens as the most advanced form of human on the planet.

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