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7 Ways You’re Being MANIPULATED by People Everyday

The human psyche is a mysterious place, except when it isn’t, then it’s super easy to manipulate.

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Confirmation Bias describes the act of people deliberately searching for information, news stories or other forms of evidence which back up their pre-existing beliefs.

The anchoring bias describes how people give undue significance to the first piece of information they receive about something, regardless of what information comes afterwards.

If you’re someone who regularly enjoys the torrent of felched sewage delivered by the likes of Fox News, The Daily Mail or other tabloid news outlets, you may have noticed that literally everything in the world causes cancer.

Say someone offers you twenty chicken nuggets for five bucks, and ten nuggets for four bucks. The first price of twenty nuggets for five bucks establishes the value, and makes the ten nuggets for four bucks seem stupid, so you’ll take the better value deal, and buy more food than you need. That’s why anchoring often works, and that’s why we’re all so fat.

The Gambler’s Fallacy is used mostly by casinos and other betting agents in order to persuade you to part with your cash, as it preys on the human propensity to see streaks and clusters in random events.

Most people would rather continue doing something that isn’t working than admit they were wrong to start in the first place, and this is yet another reason why gamblers find it so hard to give up.

Ever wonder why most newsreaders are chosen for their looks? Why handsome politicians seem to do well?

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