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7 Ways the World Will Change Over the Next Decade

So with the 2016 election over and insert name here crowned President of the United States, you may think we’ve had enough of political turmoil, and that we shouldn’t have to deal with it again for another five years.

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America’s toppling as the world’s most powerful nation has long been predicted by everyone from experts to nutjobs, with many feeling that China will eventually reign supreme at the top of the pile.

On the 23rd of June 2016 the United Kingdom voted by a slim majority of 52 to 48% to leave the European Union, and while everyone’s still trying to figure out exactly what this means, as well as whether it will actually happen, it seems some areas of the UK are making alternative plans.

One more major consequence of Britain’s departure from Europe is that the previously tight union may split into four distinct regions, with Scandinavia separating itself as Britain has done, and both Western and Eastern Europe also forming an ever closer union with their neighbours rather than those at the opposite end of the continent.

(bleep noise) not again. Germany is the country with the most to lose from the collapse of the EU, as with its economy highly dependent on EU trade liberalisation and a strong Euro currency, a European schism would drastically affect Germany’s export power.

Vladimir Putin is clearly not going to loosen his grip on the Russian people without a fight, but while some have predicted a second split within Russian Federation akin to the breakup of the Soviet Union, what is deemed more likely is something of an informal split.

Despite many predicting Chinese dominance over the next decade, it’s actually expected to endure a pretty rough time with slowing economic growth and potential conflict with Japan causing many citizens to question the ruling Communist party.

By 2020 India is expected to overtake Japan and become the world’s third largest economy, and some believe it may even outstrip the USA and jump into second place.

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