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7 Ways the HUMAN Race Might DEVELOP

From superpowers to funky eyes to turning brazilian these are 7 Traits Humans Might Develop.

As modern transportation becomes ever more expansive our world also becomes more global, allowing for the mixing of even more genetic material between populations. Translation – fancy planes and trains means everyone gets to bang each other; and the more we do this, the less racist the world will become.

Not literally, unless you walk face first into a buzzsaw obviously. There is a popular evolutionary theory which predicts that eventually human beings may split into two races of different species, where one group of genetic superiors with healthy bodies and intelligent minds would come to dominate a group of inferior underclass humans who are dim-witted, ugly and squat. Kinda like goblins, except in baseball caps and crocs.

Compared to early humans people today are practically hairless, aside from Sean Connery, who is like 95% chest hair. Today our bodies are covered in dormant hair follicles which would have been active on our ancestors, and it is predicted that we may shed even more of our hair in the future.

Bad news for people who like to wear a toe ring on their pinky toe, but it is believed likely that eventually humans will lose their fifth and smallest toe. The earliest horses are an example of how this can happen, because before hooves horses actually had three or four functional toes, and you can still see the remains of these on the bones above their hoof today.

For the past two and a half million years human brains have consistently grown larger, and according to genome experts Dr Alan Kwan and Nikolay Lamm this will continue at least for the next 100,000 years. The pair created a series of images which took previous human evolution into account, and paired it with knowledge about how advanced genetic engineering technology might affect us physically.

Because human beings have evolved greatly compared to our humble gloopy beginnings it is of course natural to assume that we will continue to develop, but this may not necessarily be true, and it’s all thanks to that international we mentioned way back in number 7.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel