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7 Very…WEIRD…Predictions for the Future

In ye old timey days they predicted that in the future we’d all live in giant gold zeppelins, vacuums would be nuclear powered, and that the internet would explode in 1996.

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When humans get too hot from using our big strong muscles, our bodies respond by sweating water, and when this water evaporates we cool down.

In recent years there has been a notable decline in the effectiveness of traditional teaching methods, because while our ability to pay our bills, move around and enjoy leisure time has become enhanced by responsive and engaging technologies, education has lagged behind, as schools and colleges still rely on the tried and trusted method of planting your face in a textbook and hoping the important parts get stuck in your brain.

Mobile phones, magazines, clothing; what do they all have in common? The answer is that many of us throw these things away without so much as a second thought, but they’re all also completely recyclable.

Today many people create a whole new life for themselves via games such as Second Life, but why stop at just one, why not create several?

What would you say is the most powerful job today? Politician? Hedge Fund Manager? Army General? Or the guy who can see your entire history of search engine queries?

With big data and the internet of things beginning to permeate every facet of our lives, there exists the opportunity to either force or coerce human beings to better themselves.

Do you ever get bored of coming home to the same four walls every day? Is your home one of those annoying places that’s super-hot in summer and frigidly cold in winter?

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