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7 Very CREEPY Things Your Body Does

From dying to going deaf to making special milk….these are 7 Very CREEPY Things Your Body Does…

In the time it’s taken to watch our introduction a large part of you has actually died, probably when you started picturing what bronies get up to in secret. Approximately 50 million cells in your body die every 30 seconds, which is about 50 to 70 billion cells every day. But don’t worry, you’ve got plenty to spare.

Every 24 hours the cells along the inner wall of your stomach secrete two litres of acid strong enough to dissolve razorblades, but that doesn’t mean you should swallow razorblades to test it, unless you’re a member of ISIS, then feel free to chow down on a whole pack of Gillette for brunch.

According to Maria Chait, a cognitive neuroscientist at University College London, human beings often go temporarily deaf when focusing hard on something like a Sudoku puzzle or a guy on the subway with a really creepy smile. Thanks to a process called Inattentional Deafness, the brain’s ability to process noises drops sharply whenever demanding tasks distract it.

Depending on how many illegal substances you’ve taken before watching this video you may have zoned out several minutes ago, but don’t feel bad, because losing concentration is one of the brain’s most important creative processes.

Humans experience memories like a movie playing back as if recorded at the time, but did you know your brain makes subtle changes to these memory movies at various points in your life? ‘

The human brain has evolved into one capable of rich and fascinating thoughts concerning logic, reasoning and compassion, but the remnants of our old primitive brain often overpower these abilities in the presence of certain objects of interest. There are three major questions the human brain wants to know over anything else when confronted with something.

This one’s just for the ladies, but did you know that human breast-milk actually changes its nutritional and antiviral makeup to suit the needs of the mother’s baby? In the first few days new-borns will enjoy gulping down milk which is almost transparent. This is because it is primarily made up of antibodies to boost the baby’s immune system, and if the baby is premature the milk is enhanced further to provide the greater protection an early child needs.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel