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7 UNEXPLAINED Human Conditions

From becoming a genius by hitting your head to having your head explode to feeling what you see…these are 7 Unexplained Human Conditions.

Savant syndrome causes people with certain mental conditions such as autism or low IQ to develop astonishing abilities. These skills, along with the underlying mental disorder, are typically present from birth, and neuroscientists haven’t yet discovered why these things seem to be linked. 10% of all autistic people are known to have some form of savant ability, but even more fascinating is the condition of Acquired Savant Syndrome, where the same miraculous talent develops after a head trauma.
But don’t go bashing your head against a brick wall just yet, because these skills are often limited to abilities in art, math, music, memory or spatial skills. An example of this condition is Tommy McHugh, who for 51 years was a career criminal, until a brain haemorrhage turned him overnight into an amazing artist and poet. Similarly Jason Padgett was repeatedly kicked in the head during a mugging, and he was suddenly able to understand and visualise complex mathematical formulas in the form of fractal shapes and geometric patterns.

One of the saddest songs in rock and roll history is the Kings of Leon’s Sex on Fire, where Caleb Followill performs a moving tribute to an ex-girlfriend who spontaneously combusted in the lotus position.

That was annoying wasn’t it? Now imagine if that happened to you almost every single day, at random, when you were just waking up.
You know that gif from Scanners that’s used every time people want to illustrate that their mind has been blown? Well ignore that, because although exploding head syndrome is pretty weird it doesn’t make your head burst, instead causing auditory hallucinations which make you believe that loud noises such as bombs, cymbal crashes or car horns are going off in your head. These symptoms are usually brief, but the long-term psychological effects can be devastating.

If you lose an arm or a leg that’s traumatic enough, but being haunted by that missing limb for the rest of your life is the icing on the world’s most horrible cake.
Around 60 to 80% of amputation victims suffer phantom sensations in their missing limb, and this condition isn’t just limited to your arms and legs. Missing breasts, teeth, eyes and tongues have been felt by their previous owners after removal, and sufferers often describe them feeling painful, as if somehow distorted from their natural position.

Déjà Vu translates as “already seen” and describes humans feeling a strong sense of familiarity with a particular act or event. Some non-scientific explanations have linked this to dormant abilities within the brain to prophesise forthcoming events, but the non-wackjobs who’ve studied it firmly disagree.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel