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7 Times Science Played God

Depending on your definition of the Lord Almighty you can argue that mankind has done many things which amount to us playing God; curing the sick, building nukes, dressing up in robes and making a cloud fortress out of pillows.

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Animals go extinct for a reason; either they’re naturally too weak to survive changes to their habitat, they fail to adapt to the threat of predators, or we humans find them too darn delicious when paired with a lovely dipping sauce. The idea that man can manipulate the weather still seems ridiculous to many, but it’s true, we can to an extent command the heavens above.In 2010 Biologist Dr Craig Venter was the only man on Earth who could legitimately claim to have created life without the use of his penis, when he used laboratory assembled genes to generate the world’s first ever synthetic cell. Oh gee Brain, what do you wanna do tonight? The work of Dr Craig Venter was somewhat pre-empted by Lesley and John Brown, who in 1978 also created a life in an artificial manner courtesy of their daughter Louise.The CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing tool is something we’ve spoken about several times on this channel, as this revolutionary technique offers humanity its first real chance to manipulate life genetically in a way that’s fast, cheap and easy. This final one is just a quick entry, as it not so much veers towards the theoretical, but fully dives headfirst into a ridiculously incredible concept.

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