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7 Things We Don’t Know About Earth

Did you know Earth might have a secret underground ocean? Are you aware that scientists recently discovered the existence of a new species of man? And have you been paying attention to the news that the number of creatures on this planet just multiplied by 100,000?

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There are many weird theories regarding what lies deep down beneath the Earth’s crust within our planet’s mantle and core.

Jamiroquai once sang about going deeper underground, but as he’s yet to fund a drilling project to compete with the Kola Superdeep Hole in Russia I’m gonna call shenanegans on that funky hat-wearing little chap.

It is widely assumed that of all the species living on Earth today, we know about only a quarter of them, with some even pegging the figure as low as 13%.

All modern humans contain traces of genetic material from one of Homo Sapiens long-dead ancestors – the Neanderthal.

As well as the fact that we shouldn’t lick rocks for fun, Geology also teaches us that until 2.3 to 2.4 billion years ago the Earth had no oxygen in its atmosphere.

Around 541 million years ago life on Earth started to get pretty complicated, and not in an Avril Lavigne way where creatures started acting like somebody else and they all got frustrated.

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