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7 Terrifying Diseases of the FUTURE

What do you think of when you picture a terrifying disease?

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Addiction is a disease; it doesn’t matter whether you’re hooked on hashish, seduced by the sauce or totally groped by the great gambling gremlin, some people are just genetically destined to a life of dependency. Don’t worry, this isn’t an ad for yet another crappy Google product that plugs into your butthole and tells your friends what you had for lunch. Google Amnesia is a serious condition, and it’s affecting you right now.Yes I have included this option solely because Futurama is awesome, but did you know that sexual learning disabilities could one day become a reality? In the same way that our brains compartmentalise data and where to obtain it, there’s a strong possibility that humans might do the same with their personalities, once the use of Artificial Intelligence becomes widespread.In our recent video on the seven most devastating things mankind could discover, we mentioned the tragic story of one Texas woman who died after being infected with Phantom Menace bacteria. Nanotechnology could potentially be the greatest creation in the history of man.One day it may be possible to cure genetic disorders such as haemophilia, sickle cell disease and cystic fibrosis.

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