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7 Strangest Things Found in the Ocean

The claim that we know more about outer space than we do the ocean iiiiiiis a pile of horse poop; we’ve explored lots of the ocean, we’ve met many of its creatures, heck I’ve even drank some of it, but I’ve never drunk outer space.

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When a headline like this…appears in your news feed you’d have to be a soulless cynic not to click it, but even if you read it you may come away with far more questions than answers.Did you know that Earth’s largest waterfall is actually beneath the ocean?Kinda looks like the whole ocean’s having a rave doesn’t it? For anyone who’s worried we’re about to cover the Baltic Sea Anomaly for the zillionth time don’t worry, that mildly familiar looking rock formation doesn’t make this list. It’s both tempting and frightening to believe that the ocean could still contain creatures like long-extinct Plesiosaur or the ferocious Megalodon. Alexandria is the second largest city of Egypt, and can trace its origins back to the year 331 BC when it was founded as a small town by Greek conqueror Alexander the Great. Remember when Saddam Hussein was accused of hoarding chemical weapons and we decided to invade Iraq?

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel