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7 STRANGEST Religious Rituals

7 STRANGEST Religious Rituals

From people starving themselves to death to a pretty dirty thing they do in Australia to magic underpants, these are the 7 STRANGEST Religious Rituals.

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The River Ganges is not somewhere we’d advise taking a dip anytime soon, because the world’s fifth most-polluted river which flows through India and Pakistan is also a popular dumping ground for human corpses. However, this also makes it something of an aquatic sushi conveyor belt for the Aghoris of Northern India.
You may remember these lively fellows from an episode of Jackass where Party-boy, Dave England and Steve-O witnessed a group of Aghoris drinking their own urine and practicing self-mutilation.

If you’re a Catholic you might celebrate your religion by attending Mass or taking communion, but if you’re from the Spanish town of Burgos you’ll prove your dedication to Catholicism by dressing like Satan and hurdling over babies.
The tradition of El Colacho dates back several centuries, and involves guys dressed as the devil to leap over infants born within the last 12 months, while also playing the castanets. This practice is part of a week-long festival organised by The Brotherhood of Santisimo Sacramento de Minerva every year.

The next time a couple of Mormons rock up at your front door asking to chat about our lord and saviour Jesus Christ you’ll look at them a little differently, because followers of the Latter Day Saints movement are required to wear sacred underwear…to protect them from spiritual contamination of course.

Ever woken up one day and thought wow, I am a useless human being who has achieved everything I’m ever going to achieve. I may as well give up and stay in bed forever. If so then take that feeling and multiply it by a hundred, then you’ll be somewhere close to the practice of Sallekhana.

When you’ve got leftover turkey legs or some old potato salad in the fridge what do you do with it? If your answer is throw it on the ground and roll over it a bunch of times then congratulations, you have just completed “Made Made Snana”, and also ruined your living room carpet.

Picture the scene. A religious ritual is being performed by the Tzotzil Indians of Mexico, where one man begins to circle a live chicken above you. But then after a few orbits he puts the chicken down and offers you a glass of brown liquid. He says it is sacred medicine which will help release demons and sickness, and even though this sounds like the start of a really nasty reddit story you gulp it down anyway out of fear of offending your hosts.

Ladies and Gentlemen, especially Gentlemen, this next entry contains bad things happening to penises, so if you’re squeamish you may wanna avoid this last entry.
Still here? You’ll wish you weren’t, because in Australian aboriginal culture and some indigenous tribes of South America and Africa, the practice of penile subincision is performed on men, by themselves, as part of a coming of age ritual.

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