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7 Strangest Plans For The FUTURE

What are you hoping to achieve in the next few years?

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When humankind establishes its first settlement in space we’re gonna have a lot to think about, such as who gets to go there, what language will they speak, and who gets to be space president?

Today we make clothes using cotton harvested in fields, silk spun by bugs, and leather taken from the tanned hides of moo-cows.

With so many cool folks dying off in 2016 humanity really needs someone to make a comeback from the dead in the next twelve months, but since it’s not that likely the corpses of Kurt Cobain or Amy Winehouse will resurrect themselves, instead we’ll have to make do with the return of the Woolly Mammoth.

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If you’re looking to lose weight, find stylish clothes or start a lawsuit against a loved one, a commercial for those products will use language and persuasive tactics to attempt to communicate directly with your desires.

Your search history can tell you a lot about yourself, such as your favourite kind of movie, what kind of takeout you like best, and how secretly racist you are when you think nobody’s looking.

In April of this year NASA gave one hundred thousand dollars to 13 individual projects in Phase One of its Innovative Advanced Concepts Program, and while all of these missions seem worthwhile endeavours, some of them seem absolutely crazy to the average layman.

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