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7 Strangest Laws in Japan – You Can’t Be Fat

With its vending machines full of underwear and never-ending lust for raw or erotic fish situations, Japan is notoriously a pretty kooky place.

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There’s a common myth that in Japan it is illegal for anyone to become obese, but even though this isn’t strictly true, we all know there’s no smoke without fire.

Isn’t it heart-warming when you hear of a kind couple willing to share their home with someone else’s child?

If you’ve ever dreamt of moving to Japan and retiring in one of those weird paper houses, to spend your days eating delicious food with chopsticks and brewing your own sake, then let me destroy one third of your dreams right now.

Ever wonder why the Japanese are into some really weird pornography? I mean, some of their stuff is so niche even super-cool porno-hipsters haven’t heard of it, but there’s a very good reason for this.

Everyone knows that Japanese trains are amongst the fastest and most reliable in the world, and if you didn’t know that, do you now.

Japan’s labour laws are notoriously strict, and employers who wish to fire somebody often face a raft of challenges and penalties aimed at preventing spurious dismissals.

Oh man why didn’t the rest of the world think of that? If only we’d made war a crime we could’ve avoided so many conflicts, so much suffering, and at least three of those crappy Call of Duty spin offs.

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