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7 Strangest DISASTERS in History

7 Strangest DISASTERS in History

From Fire tornadoes to gigantic oil catastrophes to some pretty weird stuff with animals, these are the Top 7 Strangest DISASTERS in History.

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On the 20th of August 1986 it was a regular old day in the area around Cameroon’s Lake Nyos. Nobody died. Nothing smelled bad. There were no tsunamis. No animals suffocated. And the lake didn’t explode. But the next day – the opposite of all that happened.

In early 1919 America was preparing for the forthcoming prohibition laws banning the sale of alcohol, so those involved in the liquor trade had to speed things up if they wanted to sell their wares. But unfortunately for the citizens of Boston’s North End, this race for booze presented them with a rather sticky and ultimately deadly situation one warm January afternoon.
On September 13th 1987 Roberto dos Santos Alves and Wagner Mota Pereira were hunting for scrap in an abandoned Brazilian hospital when they found a strange device. They had no idea what it was, so they did what any of us would do – they took it home to play. After dismantling the object they found a gnarly cool blue glowing thing inside it, which they immediately showed off to all their friends and family.

In September 1971 a 90,000 ton shipment of American barley and Mexican wheat arrived in the Iraqi port of Basra for distribution to farmers, but large amounts of this grain was stolen and sold to the Iraqi people by criminal gangs. The Iraqi’s were suffering a food shortage at the time so this illicit grain was well-received, or at least it would have been, had it not been imbibed with the delicious taste of deadly mercury.

Ever had the misfortune of wiping your butt only for your finger to go straight through the toilet paper? Errr no, me neither, but a more exaggerated version of this dirty little accident happened on November 20th 1980 in Southern Louisiana.
The crew of a Texaco Oil Rig were drilling down within Lake Peigneur when they punched a hole straight through the roof of a salt mine located directly under the lake. Their miscalculations caused water to pour into the mine, and the hole gradually expanded to create a violent whirlpool a quarter-mile wide and 150 feet high.

If you’re faced with a devastating fire that’s bad enough, and if you’ve got a tornado to contend with that’s equally bad, but when a fire and a tornado love each other very much – bang – fire tornado.

Anywho, St Pierre’s two weeks of hell kicked off with a refreshing morning volcano as Mount PelĂ©e began emitting cinders and sulphur on April 23rd. The ash and sulphur levels gradually increased, and on May 2nd loud explosions and tremors caused huge numbers of snakes and vipers to flee the mountaintop, with their agitated state causing them to kill fifty humans on the way down. Even more tragically the local newspaper cancelled their annual picnic on the mountain top, which was probably a good idea, seeing as on May 3rd the volcano heated up a nearby lake which then spewed boiling water and mud over huge areas of the city, killing 150 more people.

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