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7 Strangest CRIMES and CRIMINALS

Outside of the Home Alone movies, most movie criminals are smart, sophisticated and ever so cunning and dangerous.

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On Friday the 21st of October in the Spanish city of Malaga, a British homeless man, Steven Allford, was found half-naked, asphyxiated and tied to a bench close to the airport.

Bryan Paul Smith was a strange man with a chequered criminal past. He burgled homes, he stole people’s husky dogs, and on one occasion when the police came to speak to him they found a 14 year old child hidden in his wardrobe.

If you’re going to rob a convenience store how would you do it? Most criminals would probably put on a mask, sneak in quietly when nobody’s around, and stick up the teller with a pistol until they emptied the cash drawer.

We’ve all heard stories of the local pervert in a trenchcoat who likes nothing better than to show off his dingus to the world, but when these weirdos whip out their junk to complete strangers, they do so because they get off on the illegality and naughtiness of their crimes.

Have you got an emergency? Then call 911 straight away. Unless that emergency is in your pants, and it’s a sexy kind of emergency, as in this case you’d be better off phoning a sex line.

We’ve got a double whammy of pee based crimes for you here. First comes the tale of Raymond Charles Foley, who was caught on security cameras peeing on the chairs of attractive female colleagues.

There were a few options for the final entry in this list of weird crimes and strange criminals.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel