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7 STRANGEST Cities and Towns on Earth

7 STRANGEST Cities and Towns on Earth

From a city of garbage to one with lots of little people to a town of champions…these are the 7 STRANGEST Cities and Towns on Earth.

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But if you were born in the central-Ethiopian town of Bekoji your sporting hero might be your neighbour, your best-friend, or even yourself, because from a population of just over 17,000 people Bekoji has given birth to an astonishing 30 World Championship-winning runners, 16 Olympic gold medallists, and countless more international-class athletes.

The Kingdom of the Little People near the Chinese region of Kunming isn’t an official town or village, but it may as well be given that there are several hundred people living here, each of whom is less than four feet tall.

Hi there and welcome to Centralia, literally the hottest place to live in Pennsylvania right now. We’ve got everything you’ll ever need, including a Church, a cemetery, a toxic underground coal-mine fire that just won’t quit, the kids just love it. Or at least they would, if any children lived here.

Noiva de Cordeiro sounds like every man’s dream, because for most of the year this town of 600 people in southeastern Brazil is made up entirely of women. Their community was founded in 1891 by a woman driven out of her own town for adultery, but if you’re thinking about heading over there to get your pelvis crushed with some of that sweet sweet snoo-snoo think again. Whilst many of the women here are single, they refuse to allow men to live here permanently for fear it will upset the delicate balance their town has achieved without them.

Whenever you hear a story about a spiritual commune of people dedicated to financial equality, personal harmony and human unity it usually ends with the words “there were no survivors”. But far from being a cult, the experimental town of Auroville in India is still thriving to this day.

If Captain Planet was a real guy, and I pray every day that he is, he’d probably build his lair in the city of Manshiyat Naser, Egypt, because this place just loves it some recycling. One whole district of Manshiyat Naser is nicknamed Garbage City because it’s where the nearby city of Cairo sends all its trash to be dumped. And not in a landfill site either, but on the streets, on its parks, and the doorsteps of the people who live there.

On the surface Florida’s “The Villages” sounds like a pretty exciting and dangerous place to live. Drug use is rampant, bar fights occur almost every day, and there are ten women for every nine men living here. But before you buy a plane ticket there’s one thing you should know. This is a retirement city, and the old people who live here are pretty damn nasty.

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