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7 Strangest CAVES in the World

Ever since mankind first swapped its primitive cave dwellings for castles, camps, condos, and capsules, we’ve had a strange longing to go back and visit our species’ very first home.

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On Romania’s south-eastern border with Bulgaria you’ll find the most isolated ecosystem on the planet, the Movile Cave – a place which until 1986 had been cut-off from the rest of the world for over five million years.

Russia’s Orda Caves are a spectacular network of underwater tunnels spanning over five kilometres, making them the longest in the country by far. The temperature here is a chilly minus 20 Celsius, but if you’re suited up you’ll enjoy perfectly still waters that are so clear you can see 45 metres ahead of you. Yes Vladimir, I can see you taking a whiz right where I’m about to swim, thanks a bunch.

Despite looking like somewhere Dr Manhattan shoots his load, the Waitomo Caves in New Zealand’s King County actually get their eerie and beautiful glow thanks to a large colony of glow-worms, and not some kind of terrible Fukushima spooge incident.

At first glance Fingal’s Cave may look like something straight out of an autistic kid’s Minecraft save, but the credit for this beautiful angular orifice has to go to Mother Nature, whose own orifice is probably delightful and full of lovely ferns.

Unlike our previous entry, China’s Longyou Caves actually are a human creation, but as for who made them, how they were constructed and what their purpose was, we have no idea.

The most beautiful things in the world are often the most deadly, and that’s why whenever I see Christina Hendricks in the street I adopt a defensive stance and load up a crossbow bolt. But this idea is also proven by the stunning nature of the Cave of Crystals in Mexico’s Naica region of Chihuahua.

For the sheer numbers involved we had to include the Krubera Cave on this list, as while the others may look all pretty and spooky, the Krubera takes the honour of being the deepest known cave on Earth.

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