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7 STRANGEST Animal Mysteries

The biggest animal mysteries most of us encounter on a daily basis is what the hell does my cat want, who is my dog barking at, and will that hamster ever find its way out of my colon?

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There are plenty of animals out there who want to suck your blood; the vampire bat, lampreys, leeches, bed bugs and overstimulated goth kids. But vampire monkeys?
Reports of monkeys dining solely on blood have come mostly from Southern China, and they are said to dine on the blood of birds and small mammals, be highly intelligent and extremely dextrous. If there’s one thing worse than a vampire monkey it’s a limber vampire monkey.

Encountering one shark in the ocean would be enough to make almost anyone drop a floating load right there and then, but what if you were out swimming and you saw not one, not two, not ten, but thousands of sharks right beneath your feet.
Every winter the population of Great White Sharks which roam North America’s western-coastline suddenly haul ass and congregate en-masse at a spot halfway between Mexico and Hawaii – and we don’t know why.

When you’re in the middle of one of history’s most brutal conflicts and your ship is being bombarded by a German sub you might think you’ve got it pretty bad already, but unfortunately you haven’t factored in the possibility of one extra terrifying element – a giant sea serpent.

A huge decline in the world’s bee population was first noticed in North America and Europe during the 1990s, later spreading around the world to Brazil, India, China and beyond. This is obviously great news for picnic enthusiasts, but less so for those who value a stable ecosystem and the very existence of life as we know it.

This creature may have an awesome name but does it really roam the swamps of the Florida Everglades? Or is it just someone’s confused hairy grandpa who’s broken out of his retirement complex and forgot to take a shower.

Extra-terrestrials get a pretty bad rep for some of the weird things they do to human buttholes, but one of the strangest events attributed to alien visitations has been the phenomenon of cow mutilation.

Jeanne Calment is confirmed as being the oldest human in history living to the age of 122 years old, but compared to some animals this makes her practically a toddler. Bowhead Whales can live for centuries, Hannoko the Koi fish lived to 226 years old, Adwaita the Giant Aldabra Tortoise lasted for 256 years, and a clam named Ming was confirmed at an astonishing 507 years old, until some researchers accidentally killed it. What a clam calamity.

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