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7 Strangely CONVINCING Curses

Every day we humans curse each other with wanton abandon; you curse your friend for returning your blu-ray scratched, you curse your mother for giving birth to your bratty little sister, and we curse lego bricks for being so sharp and pointy when we step on them.

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The murder of President John F Kennedy back in 1963 has fascinated conspiracy theorists for decades, but many members of the Kennedy family believe this was just another example of the so-called Kennedy Curse in action.

Ever wonder what happens when two curses meet? Do they cancel each other out or double down?

Johnny Frank Garrett was a mentally deficient teenager when he was accused of the sexual assault and murder of a 76 year old Nun back in 1981.

The 27 club describes a well-known phenomenon where iconic musicians seem to coincidentally die at the age of 27.

The Chicago Cubs’ sensational victory in the 2016 World Series marked their first title in over 108 years, and while the first few decades of the drought can be put down to general sporting failure, the last 71 years of this curse were attributed to the Curse of the Billy Goat.

The Habsburgs were for centuries Europe’s most influential family, as members of this dynasty reigned over the Holy Roman Empire continuously from the 15th to the 18th Century, and the house also provided Kings and Emperors for Spain, England, France and Mexico.

The Great Khan Timur was great in many ways, as after assuming his title in 1369 he conquered vast swathes of Asia, almost strangled the emerging Ottoman Empire in its crib, killed an estimated 5% of the world’s population, and then built a pyramid of 70,000 human skulls to celebrate.

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