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7 Stories of…Time Travel?

Just a few weeks ago we investigated five ways people could potentially travel through time, and you know what’s annoying, the jerks at Beyond Science did the same video just a few hours before us, after we’d been working on that thing for two damn weeks.

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While we’re waiting for the second season of Stranger Things to come around let’s investigate the real life story which inspired the show, and don’t worry, there be no spoilers here. The story of the famous Philadelphia Experiment alleges that during an attempt to cloak a Navy Destroyer with invisibility, scientists accidentally sent the warship and its crew ten minutes back in time, and then back again, obviously, otherwise they wouldn’t know it had happened.In 2006 a video was posted on Youtube by a man called Hakan Nordqvist who claimed to have met his future self after falling through a wormhole he found under his sink. This clip which has done the rounds online for years now is taken from a Charlie Chaplin film’s DVD extra, and when it first surfaced, eagle-eyed viewers, who I assume did not have the actual eyes of an eagle, believed they’d spotted what looks like a woman talking on a cell phone.Here’s another famous case of suspected time travel for you, with a photo taken at the reopening of British Columbia’s South Forks Bridge back in 1941, and you have to admit the guy in steam-punk glasses and the late 90’s getup does look a little out of place here. In 1932 newspaper reporter J.Bernard Hutton and his photographer Joachim Brandt were covering a story at a shipyard in Hamburg, Germany, when suddenly they heard bombs and anti-aircraft fire pierce the air around them.In 1997 Forensic Scientist Dr Mike Silverman was investigating the murder of a woman whose body was discovered in London, and when he found DNA under her fingernails he thought

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