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7 SHOCKING Human Disfigurements

7 SHOCKING Human Disfigurements

7 SHOCKING Human Disfigurements

From Gigantism to strange tree like worts to….mermaid syndrome…these are 7 SHOCKING Human Disfigurements.

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Gigantism is a hormone-driven condition which causes excessive growth throughout the body, and famous sufferers include the world’s tallest ever man Robert Wadlow, former WBA Heavyweight champion Nikolai Valuev, and wrestler Andre the Giant. But with Local Gigantism the growth is restricted only to one or more areas, causing sufferers to develop enlarged versions of basically any body part. And yes, we do mean any.

Sirenomelia is a rare congenital deformity which causes a child’s legs to fuse together resembling a mermaid’s tail. Medical science still cannot tell us the cause of this shocking deformity, and sadly it’s often fatal due to the associated kidney and bladder complications. But whilst most sufferers don’t survive long after birth, Tiffany Yorks managed to live a pretty active lifestyle with the condition for 27 years until her tragic death earlier this year.

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity depicted as having four arms. So imagine you’re an Indian woman who gives birth to a child with four arms, and four legs to boot. You’d probably avoid making any reference to one of your religion’s most venerated deities just to help the kid out at school right?

Also called Ambras Syndrome, Hypertrichosis is a hormone-based condition which causes huge amounts of hair to grow all over the body. Long thought to be the source of many ancient werewolf myths, those with the condition are usually born covered from head to toe in hair, and unless you fancy a full body waxing every morning this is a condition sufferers must learn to live with.

Earlier this year 42 year old Dede Koswara of Indonesia, also known as the Tree Man, sadly passed away after a lifelong battle with his illness. Koswara suffered from Lewandowsky-Lutz Dysplasia, a disease which causes huge bark-like warts to grow uncontrollably all over the body.

Sanju Bhagat never had a sweet rippling six pack, but nor was he so unhealthy he’d consider candy corn a vegetable, which made it a mystery as to why a man so lean would develop such a large, swollen belly. Sanju had always been self-conscious of his ever-growing gut, and people mocked him for resembling a pregnant man.

When the US dropped Agent Orange on the jungle during the Vietnam War they did so to both destroy crops and remove foliage for the Viet Cong to hide beneath, but was the government aware of the side effects this Monsanto created chemical would have on both the Vietnamese, and our own American soldiers?

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